The Probablistic Planning Track of the 2004 International Planning Competition.


Michael L. Littman and Håkan L. S. Younes.

Students: John Asmuth, Paul Batchis, David Weissman.

Documentation and Links


To install the plan evaluator (under Unix), save the tar file (for example: use wget mdpsim-1.3.tar.gz or save from browser). Uncompress (for example: gunzip mdpsim-1.3.tar.gz). Extract everything (for example: tar xvf mdpsim-1.3.tar). Look at the file mdpsim/README for more instructions.


  1. Zhengzhu Feng
    UMass (with Eric Hansen)
    Symbolic heuristic search
  2. Olga Skvortsova
    Dresden University of Technology (with Eldar Karabaev)
    First-order value iteration in fluent calculus
  3. Pascal Poupart
    University of Toronto
    Greedy linear value-approximation
  4. Charles Gretton
    Australian National University
    Re-engineered version of NMRDPP
  5. Robert L Givan
    Purdue (with Alan Fern, Sungwook Yoon)
    Policy iteration with policy language bias (learn from sample problems)
  6. Blai Bonet
    Universidad Simon Bolivar
    GPT: value function; simulation; plan search
  7. Nilufer Onder
    Michigan Technological University (with Li and Garrett Whelan)
    POP-style planner (possibly goal oriented, no sensing only)
  8. Florent Teichteil-Konigsbuch
    ONERA-DCSD (with Patrick Fabiani)
    Explicit state enumeration and DBNs, value functions
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