Roll of Honour

Building a system to compete in the competition is an extremely demanding task: these are the systems that went the extra mile necessary to make it possible to work robustly with PDDL (in 1998 and 2000) and PDDL2.1 (in 2002), to output plans in the right format and to make their systems capable of handling the demands of intensive data collection across unseen domains.





Classical Part

Sub-optimal Planners

Optimal Planners

Probabilistic Part

See Probabilistic Competition Site
  • Zhengzhu Feng and Eric Hansen
  • Eldar Karabaev and Olga Skvortsova
  • Pascal Poupart
  • Charles Gretton, David Price, and Sylvie Thiebaux
  • Alan Fern, Sungwook Yoon, and Robert L Givan
  • James Park and Adnan Darwiche
  • Blai Bonet and Hector Geffner
  • Nilufer Onder, Garrett Whelan, and Li Li
  • Florent Teichteil-Konigsbuch and Patrick Fabiani
  • Ronald Parr and Carlos Guestrin
  • Ronen Brafman