We used automated software (basically, FF's preprocessor) to compile ADL into STRIPS. You can download executables of the compilation software (Unix adl2strips-unix, Linux adl2strips-linux, Linux statically compiled adl2strips-linux-static). Run without arguments to obtain the command line usage.

Syntax checker and Plan Validator for PDDL 2.2

The following resources are available in this archive (Latest version now available through this link (October 2020)):

Please contact Derek Long if there are any problems in using it, compiling it or if you find any bugs.

Competing Systems

After the competition event itself, in order to promote the understandability of the event, it would be desirable to have the competitors provide publicly accessible executables of their planners. Indeed, we hope that most of the competitors will make the source code of their systems available. We will insert the sytems for download on this page, as they are made available.